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Ashleigh House Eastwood park

Eastwood Park unit

Ashleigh House Northwood park

Northwood Park unit

The retirement villages of Eastwood Park (Guthridge Parade, Sale) and Northwood Park (Stead Street, Sale) are managed by Ashleigh House. They are ideally located near the Central Gippsland Health Service, Guthridge Parade convenience store and have a bus pick up adjacent to both parks.  Residents can obtain meals on wheels from the Ashleigh House kitchen and participate in regular activities including lawn bowls, watching musical groups and church services.  Units are available for self-funded retirees over 55’s or persons on some form of aged pension.

There are one, two and three bedroom units in the parks with current vacancies in one and two bedroom units. Options for future residents include a loan-lease contract up to ten years or an annual rental option through Graham Chalmer Pty Ltd.

Queries for the vacant units can be made to Reception.