Ashleigh House Residential Hostel Care

Ashleigh House and the Brenda Burditt Manor Dementia Wing offer a higher level of daily support and care

Our Residential Facility located at 20-24 Bergen Crescent in Sale, Victoria, houses 80 beds for residents who are seeking a higher level of daily support and care. The facility is approved and certified by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing to provide aged care.

Each of the comfortable, motel-style rooms includes a bedroom and ensuite, with easy hallway access to the shared spaces and facilities.

All meals are provided at no additional cost and are served in our dining room, where residents can enjoy eating in company.

Our friendly staff provide a full cleaning, linen and laundry service, giving our residents freedom from demanding chores so that they can relax and take part in a full program of activities.

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Facility features

Ashleigh House benefited from a series of refurbishments and extensions in 2016, giving our residents access to fantastic lifestyle features.  A Department of Health grant in 2019/20 enabled further renovations to take place in resident rest area, lounge & dining rooms, hairdressing room and resident rooms.  Grant funds also enabled five new memory support unit rooms to be added, they were completed in August 2020.

Our Library offers IT facilities, allowing residents to access the Internet and social media, helping them to stay in touch with the people they care about.  We also have six I-pads for residents to use to keep in touch with family and friends.

For those who love to read, the  Library wing also includes a new audio book station with recliner chairs for easy listening and hours of pleasure.

A special care room makes the transition easier for residents who transfer to the facility from the hospital and the doctors consulting room enables residents to receive specialist care on site.

Residents are free to move from the facility at any time, to re-locate to another care environment or return home to live with family.

A resident’s security of tenure is valid from the time of admission until the time of their departure.

Two permanent short-stay respite beds are also built into the facility. Bookings for this service can be made by contacting reception on 03 5144 4484.

Ashleigh House is a smoke-free site.

Room Selection

Every effort is made to ensure residents move into the most appropriate room for their needs, based on the level of care they require.

As circumstances change, it may be necessary to move a resident from one room to another for medical or heightened care needs. Any move is made in consultation with the resident and their family prior to the move.

Facility Fees

A Breakdown of rooms and costs can be found here: Ashleigh House Hostel | Find a provider | My Aged Care

Refundable Accommodation Payments are based on each resident’s circumstances through income and means testing. Accommodation concessions are available for those with limited means.  Department of Veteran Affairs (Gold Class) can access DVA funding for convalescent care (note that some DVA terms and conditions apply).

Ashleigh House

Ashleigh House provides 60 beds, all with private ensuites.  We have couples in residence who can be accommodated in adjoining rooms.

The Refundable Accommodation Deposit (room price) range from $320,000 to $350,000 for rooms approximately 10sqm to 17sqm, these rooms are single occupancy with ensuites.  Larger rooms of approximately 23sqm, with an ensuite and a small sitting room attached are $380,000.

All rooms are subject to availability at the time of inquiry, we generally have a high rate of occupancy so it is advisable to put your name on the waiting list 3-6 months prior to your planned entry date.  Room prices are negotiable depending on Centrelink Asset Summary data.

If no deposit is paid, a daily accommodation payment is payable at the maximum permissible interest rate.

If part of the deposit is paid as an initial lump sum, the daily accommodation payment is reduced per day.

The Brenda Burditt Manor Dementia Wing

The Manor Dementia Wing offers 20 beds, all with private ensuites.  Five of these beds were added during 2020, with funding obtained in the Department of Health Aged Care Approvals Round (grant funding).

Refundable Accommodation Deposit (room price) is $400,000.  This room price is negotiable depending on Centrelink Asset Summary data.

If no deposit is paid, a daily accommodation payment is payable at the maximum permissible interest rate.

If part of the deposit is paid as an initial lump sum, the daily accommodation payment is reduced per day.


Residents can take up to 52 nights of social leave away from the facility without losing their right of occupancy, allowing them to spend time with friends and family. This applies to social activities and does not include time spent in the hospital.


We encourage family and friends to visit residents at any time.
Car parking for visitors is available in the car park located directly outside the main entrance and within the grounds at the front of the building. The space outside of the front door is reserved for family and visitors picking up or dropping off residents and emergency vehicles.


Residents may bring small pieces of furniture and personal items. Please speak with the Clinical Services Manager to make arrangements.

Further Information

Please feel free to get in touch during business hours to learn more about Ashleigh House. You can reach us on our reception phone number: 03 5144 4484.

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